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These stacking blocks are made from a multitude of solid skateboards laminated together and shaped by hand into colourful and asymmetrical geometric objects. No two pieces are alike, making them completely one of a kind!

Our aim is to use all parts of the skateboards we recycle and to create products with as little waste as possible. So for several years we have been collecting surplus material from our skateboard bowl production with the intention of reusing it. These stacking blocks are the result.

A fun entertaining activity game for kids (4 and up), but perhaps mostly recommended for playful adults! These blocks will also look awesome resting on your shelf as decorative pieces, adding a splash of colour to your home decor.

These come in a set of 5 in a mix of colours, shapes and sizes - ranging from approx. 3" - 1 1/2” 

Finished with non-toxic Tung oil. Please note that there may be imperfections in the skateboards, which may not show clearly in the photos.

You will receive these nestled in crinkle paper in a sturdy kraft box - ready for gifting!

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